Saturday, October 27, 2007

Taking The Power Back

The other day I had my fortune told. It was part of a charity silent auction we did at work, and my bid was one of the winners.

I went into it a bit skeptical because I had never had something like that done before. But the man that did it was very interesting. He was a licensed psychic counselor. I found the experience to be very interesting and enlightening.

The whole reading was very positive, and he spent a lot of time talking about how wonderful my recent decision was. It was meant to be, he said. Now I had not said anything at all to him about anything. So when he mentioned writing, I'm sure my eyes got a bit big. But I was told I am finally forging down the path that I should have been on.

That's nice to know. I wish they'd help guide me toward the ending of my

So I was told that I needed to take my power back. Someone has been taking my power from me when I wasn't looking. My power chakra is apparently partially blocked as well. He told me one way to begin cleansing this chakra was through positive affirmations.

Overall it was a very good experience. I also find myself wanting to go to a second psychic reader and have him/her read me. You know I want verification. A test of sorts.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention this little morsel of info. He told me I had a spirit in my house. He said spirit and I immediately thought of my liquor. But apparently he's talking about the bump in the night sort of spirit.

I so did not need to know about that spirit.

So, in the spirit of positive affirmations, I challenge everyone to post one good thing about yourself.

I'll begin: I am very creative.

Have a great weekend everyone.


Unknown said...

I'm... um... sometimes fun!

Actually I believe very much in the power of affirmations. I just don't take them seriously, if that makes sense.

Renee said...

I'm a writer. :)

Anonymous said...

You write very well.