Thursday, November 29, 2007

Interesting Things On Your Computer/Laptop

I noticed something this morning. If anyone who didn't know me ever looked through my laptop's files, they would probably get the wrong impression.

Most of my WIP isn't titled in the beginning stages. So, to keep everything straight and organized I use the heroine's first name.

And my folder labeled research is an eclectic mix of information on a variety of subjects.

I guess that the files on a computer can tell you a lot about the person. Mine is filled with ebooks. Tons of them. And my writing of course.

So, what is on your computer that might confuse someone?

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Warrior's Paradise Releases Today

Warrior's Paradise
Genre: Fantasy Paranormal
Length: Novel
Avaliable Now From Loose Id

Shana came to Paradise to play, but that's not why she stays. Shana borrowed her adoptive sister's talisman to fulfill her sexual desires in Paradise. She didn't expect to find herself restrained and at the mercy of the most gorgeous man she'd ever seen. All he wants is her complete surrender -- and the one thing she can't give him: the identity of her sister.

Lucian, one of the mightiest warriors of Mysk, will do whatever he must to get Shana to submit -- in every way. The more she resists, the more determined he becomes, only her surrender is not enough. Now he finds his duty fueled by hunger to have her for his own.

Shana's more than willing to give herself, but there's the small matter of her loyalties. She can only stay in Paradise as a warrior's mate. And to become Lucian's mate, she will need to pass two terrible ordeals that lead her through her darkest sexual fantasies and beyond.

Excerpt: Click
Purchase: Click

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Year-End Resolution Analysis

Well, I hesitate to say this because I am so not ready for it. But, the end of the year is almost upon us. I know, it's painful to hear, isn't it?

One of the things I always like to do is take a look at what I wanted to accomplish during the year, and what I managed to do. It may not be resolutions made on New Year's Day, but I always have a mental list of things I wanted to do before the next year rolled around.

Diet. Uh yeah. That's a four letter word and I didn't do too well with it this year. But, there is always next year, and I haven't gained. So, for me, that is good enough.

Socialize more. I realize that sound strange, but I tend to stay in the same circles. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I know that it limits me. I knew going into this year that I needed to become more social, and get to know more people. This has been tough for me, but I think I have accomplished this. I have met so many wonderful people online through the various groups I belong to. I intend to continue this goal through each year, because you can never have too many friends.

Make my day job less of a priority. I have always been the type of person that focused too heavily on my career. I never quite learned how to not take it home with me, and my worries or needs from there tended to bleed over into my personal life. This year, I have done a much better job not letting that happen. I have my writing to thank for that, because it IS my priority now.

So, how has your year been for you? Anything you still want to accomplish before Dec 31st?

Have a great day!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Table For One, Please

As a single woman, I have adapted to the idea of eating out alone. I typically choose to dine with friends, but that sometimes is not possible. When it isn't, I always make sure I have my defense mechanisms with me: a book, a notepad, anything to make me look busy.

This weekend, I found myself in the position of eating breakfast alone. While driving to my family's house, I decided to stop in and grab a bite to eat. I decided it was time to brave the lonely table without my defense system in place. What would happen?

I went into the local IHOP. It was fairly crowded. The first "oops" moment occurred when the waitress tried to seat me with the stranger that came in behind me.

I guess that they aren't really used to placing people at tables by themselves. I must have committed a social faux pax by doing so, because they sat me in a section all by myself. I guess they thought that would make me less aware of the fact that I was eating alone. Yep, putting me in a room totally alone really keeps me from thinking about Thanks a bunch.

My meal was pleasant, and the waiter was great. I did notice one thing that was humorous. I expected to be uncomfortable in the situation because it isn't something I do all the time. I normally have a book to read, or something to keep my mind off of the fact that I am alone in public. I didn't have a problem with it.

But the waiter sure did. He spent most of his time chatting with me, mostly about subjects I knew absolutely nothing about. I thought it was his nature, but could see him in the other section. He made no attempt to do the same thing with his other tables.

So, my lesson for this weekend: I can eat out by myself without an arm full of defense mechanisms and actually enjoy the meal.

Have a great week everyone!

Monday, November 5, 2007

The Power of A Woman

This is too humorous to share. My dear grandmother is 93, and she lives with my uncle. He has been busy lately working. Now, I will premise this by saying my uncle really does not need to work. He's just addicted to it.

My grandmother wanted to go to the grocery store yesterday. It's a 20 mile trip, and usually takes some time. My uncle informed her they weren't going to be able to go until Thurday, and that's only if he had time.

Hehe. Oh yes. The power of a woman. She told him, "We'll see about that."

So this is how the day went:


Uncle: What's for breakfast?
Grandmother: You get an egg. It's the last one. I get to cook it, give it to you and starve because we have nothing else in the house to eat.

(Notice guilt trip #1?)

Uncle: Mother, can we have tuna sandwiches for lunch?
Grandmother: We have mayonnaise. We don't have egg, remember? We also don't have tuna, pickles or bread.

Now before I get to the lunch, I have to tell you one thing. There is only one thing my uncle hates more than anything -- chicken. It comes from eating too much of it growing up.

Grandmother: I'm afraid the only thing I could find in the house to fix was chicken. I hope you don't mind because we'll be having it the rest of the week.
Uncle: We'll leave at 1:00 for the store.

Oh I wish I had been there. God bless my grandmother. She truly shows that a woman has the power.

My mother shared this with me this afternoon and I still can't stop laughing.

Have a great night everyone!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

What A Productive Morning

I love my cats for not knowing the difference between a work week and the weekend. They always wake me up at the same time, regardless of the day.

Thanks to them I have gotten 25 pages written this morning! Two paws up to the felines around the world for their wonderful internal clocks.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

When The Day Job Becomes Annoying

I'm starting to hate my day job. I've always been a diligent worker and devoted to my job, but as I find myself delving into my writing more and more I find myself becoming easily annoyed with the work that drives me away.

It's early in the morning here right now and I should be getting in my car right now to drive to work. But my internal muse is sulking and pitching a fit. She hates sitting there in that cube, working with numbers and spreadsheets all day. She detests having to answer the same questions over, and over and over again.

But I tell her we need to do it. So she tortures me all day coming up with creative lines of dialogue I couldn't possibly remember.

I hate that I find myself getting distracted and not liking work. That isn't me, but I can't seem to stop it.

How do you deal with it?