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Spotlight: Lea Barrymire and Coyote Bluffs

Hi, everyone! I'm thrilled to have Lea Barrymire on my blog today. Not only is she a fabulous author with a fantastic, smexy new series, but she's a wonderful friend.

Accidentally Yours is Book 1 of the Coyote Bluff series. 

What's Coyote Bluff, you ask? Well, Coyote Bluff is a small, quaint town in the mountains of Virginia. With its diner run by Mama, the police force of one and a single stop light it's much like every other small town in America. Well, until you take a closer look.

Feel free to come visit Coyote Bluff... but keep an eye on the wildlife.

Author Q&A:
Do you see writing as a career?
I do. One that I will someday be doing full time. I love writing for the outlet of emotions and creativity, but I don’t get to spend as much time as I’d like doing it. My five year plan, which I made three years ago, has me writing full time by year five. I’m still looking at that as the goal. Until then I spend my dayjob hours digging through Excel sheets and being a database queen. :)

Is there a message in your novel you hope to convey to your readers?
A message? Good question. I guess I always try to show that all of my characters, flawed or not, are redeemable and that love can truly conquer all. Oh, and that love and sex should be fun. Really, really fun.
How did you come up with the title?
LOL If I tell you that it tends to be a brainstorming session between myself and readers will you laugh? I usually need a title by the time I’m half way through writing. Sometimes it’ll just pop into my head, but other times I have no idea and I ask my author-sister Danica Avet for help.
What’s your favorite sub-genre (contemporary, sci-fi, etc.) to write? To read?
I LOVE paranormal and sci-fi. Both to read and to write. I would say paranormal tends to be my favorite to write, but only because alpha shifters are yummy.
What new stories are you working on?
I’m actually working on book 2, “Tempering Steel”, of this series. Connor and Margie and two firecrackers who can’t seem to keep their hands off each other. It should be releasing mid-November. Hopefully. :)

Okay, so let's talk about this extremely hot book, Accidentally Yours.

Cammie has had one hell of a night. Her long-time abusive boyfriend pushed her to the limits and then a freaking wolf hit her car. While clutching a bag of frozen peas to her swollen eye she manages to rescue the animal and make it home. But what’s she do with it after that?

Ian can’t believe his luck. After a stupid decision he’s been run out of every shifter territory he’s entered. Hoping Coyote Bluff would be different seems to have been his downfall. After a bunch of coyotes chase him through the night he finds himself being coddled by a tempting woman. His canine half is already in love with her.

Cammie’s ex comes calling, Ian’s found out by the local Alpha and the town seems bent on keeping them apart. Can they fight against everyone at once to find happiness together? Better question would be will Cammie accept Ian once he admits to being the wolf she so readily confided in and nursed back to health?

*sighs wistfully* This sounds SOO good. But it's even better when you read it. Trust me. It's great! Not convinced? Hmm.... how about getting a taste of the first kiss between Cammie and Ian?

“Do you want me to kiss you? Is that why you’re staring at me, Cammie?” He shifted slightly on the seat and a zing of lightning shot up her leg when his brushed hers. He breathed his next words across the small distance between them. “I want to kiss you. I want to taste you on my tongue. Will you let me do that?”

Did she want to kiss him? Yes. Should she? That was a completely different question. She knew this was a dream, accepted it as truth. If she woke with a lingering affection for her dream man she’d be a depressed pile of goo for days. Keeping her distance was probably the right thing to do, but she really, really, didn’t want to do the right thing. She wanted to climb into his lap, and dig her fingers into his hair while sucking on his lower lip. She wet her lips in anticipation and almost groaned as the tingling intensified. Screw it, live in the now.

A moment after her tiny nod she was wrapped in strong, warm arms. She hadn’t seen him move, hadn’t felt his body shift, but both must have happened for her to be on his lap, straddling his thighs. Her eyes closed and she tilted her head back in acceptance. She’d force her mind to not dwell on the kiss she was going to get. She could do that, it was her dream, right?

There's nothing like a first kiss and, yowza, this was a HOT one.

Oh! And check out this link for the entire first chapter!!!

Accidentally Yours is available now! Get your copy:


Author Bio:

Lea lives in Western New York with her hubby, three children, and miscellaneous critters. Before the rug rats, she lived a life of adventure, following her husband all over Europe with the US military. She's slept in a car outside Paris, drove six hours just to see tulips in the Netherlands, and knocked ash from her shoes at Pompeii. Now she spends her time in life's adventures at soccer games, PTA meetings and school plays.

Lea has loved reading from a very young age, spending many sleepless nights devouring books. Science fiction and paranormal were her favorite genres to read as a teenager, and that love bled into her adult life. She started writing during a bout of insomnia, to fill time, and found it filled a creative void. Now she communes regularly with the characters in her head and tries not to laugh out loud when they say something funny.

When Lea isn't reading, writing or corralling kids, she enjoys watching movies and sciencey shows, or just kicking back and listening to some music.

Twitter- @leabarrymire
Newsletter Sign-up-

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Release Day - Delicate Ink (Montgomery Ink, Book 1) Carrie Ann Ryan

On the wrong side of thirty, Austin Montgomery is ready to settle down. Unfortunately, his inked sleeves and scruffy beard isn’t the suave business appearance some women crave. Only finding a woman who can deal with his job, as a tattoo artist and owner of Montgomery Ink, his seven meddling siblings, and his own gruff attitude won’t be easy.

Finding a man is the last thing on Sierra Elder’s mind. A recent transplant to Denver, her focus is on opening her own boutique. Wanting to cover up scars that run deeper than her flesh, she finds in Austin a man that truly gets to her—in more ways than one.

Although wary, they embark on a slow, tempestuous burn of a relationship. When blasts from both their pasts intrude on their present, however, it will take more than a promise of what could be to keep them together.

Get your copy now

About the Author

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Carrie Ann Ryan never thought she’d be a writer. Not really. No, she loved math and science and even went on to graduate school in chemistry. Yes, she read as a kid and devoured teen fiction and Harry Potter, but it wasn’t until someone handed her a romance book in her late teens that she realized that there was something out there just for her. When another author suggested she use the voices in her head for good and not evil, The Redwood Pack and all her other stories were born.

Carrie Ann is a bestselling author of over twenty novels and novellas and has so much more on her mind (and on her spreadsheets *grins*) that she isn’t planning on giving up her dream anytime soon.

Get in touch with Carrie Ann Ryan!

Contest Time
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RELEASE - Phoenix Rising

Yay! It's release day. Woot! 

Phoenix Rising is a special one for me because it is the first paranormal I've released in a very, very long time. It's also the first new adult I've done. 

I've got a few blogs up featuring Riles (the heroine) (Check out Julie's Book Review TODAY). Her real name is Riletta, but Macen (the hero) takes exception when people use that name. She's Riles now, plain and simple. I've also got one up featuring Macen. He's fierce, protective, smoking hot and pure Alpha. 

I was thrilled to be a part of the ROAR line. It's a shape shifter new adult line of books being released through Decadent Publishing. Mine is the third book out. 

So... Let's see what I can share about Phoenix Rising that you won't find anywhere else. :)

If you're in Pinterest, check out the board I have over there for it. It's a growing work in progress, so when you read the book, make sure and suggest pins you think are a good fit. I'd love to hear from you all about it. :) 

One of the things that sets this book apart from the other ones I've written, I think, is the heroine. She isn't my typical kick ass, in your face sort of girl. She's broken. She's alone. She's cautious. I could spend a lot of time and words talking about her and how Macen works so well for her. BUT I think the best thing is to simply give you a sample of the first chapter. 

    Pain streamed through my core, radiating from my face when I slammed into an unmoving object—a massive chest adorned in a crimson T-shirt with a black-and-white snapping wolf. My throat constricted for a moment as I studied the muscular flesh beneath the shirt. He was huge.
    “Slow your roll there, mouse.” Warm fingers wrapped gently around both my arms, holding me up for a moment as my limbs forgot how to work. His full lips turned upward into a smug grin before he shoved me backward. My pulse slammed into overdrive as I met a metallic gray gaze. A rugged jaw line drew attention from his gorgeous face to the wavy mass of thick, black hair, longer than fashionable, which flirted with his shirt collar.
    This was someone who realized the effect he had on girls like me. I studied his shirt for a moment, reining in my riotous body. My lungs burned for breaths I couldn’t remember to take; something within me rubbed against my skin.
    The sensation made me gasp. What the hell was that?
    Could it be…?
    No. There was no way. I’d been tested. Repeatedly.
    I was inherently damaged beyond repair.

  “Breathe, little mouse. Nice and deep for me.”

Monday, August 25, 2014

New Review for Eostre’s Baskets: Stacking the Deck!

New review for Stacking the Deck OUT from Loose Id
“For a moment his brain stuttered in its function, and all he could do was stare. Her face was framed by tousled waves streaked with red, her wide brown eyes filled with awareness. His heart flipped once again, and his arousal grew. So much for being quiet.
“Hey, minx. Why are you awake?” He set his bags down once more and made his way to her side. He knew the answer but couldn’t help but ask. Maybe his stupidity hadn’t woke her up.
“’Cause you’re loud as hell.” She gave him a wide smile that showed off bright white teeth, but the gesture didn’t reach her eyes. “No kiss hello?”

Review from Long and Short Reviews: “Carrie and Dean had some rough patches to work through, and this story shows how important communication is to any relationship. Once these two got into the spirit of the Truth or Dare cards, there were many possible outcomes, and this book explores the many options open to Carrie and Dean to bridge the difficult times and make their lives what they wanted. This is for those who like romance, magic and lots of heat.”- Foxglove
Rating: 4 Stars
Check out the full review at Long and Short Reviews

Buy Links:
Loose Id
Barnes and Noble


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Cover Reveal - A Shadow's Embrace

I'm thrilled to reveal the cover for my upcoming release from Fated Desires Publishing. A Shadow's Embrace is a psychic covert operations paranormal. I'm looking forward to sharing this world with you. It's been one I've wanted to delve into for a long time. The phenomenally talented Syneca did this cover. I love it so much I want to have its babies. To celebrate it's beauty, I'm giving away a $25 Amazon gift card via Rafflecopter. Contest ends on Thursday, so sign up ASAP! Good luck :)

On the run from evil, her only hope is the Shadows.
Devyn James escaped hell once. Kidnapped from foster care at seven and raised in a psychic genetics testing facility, she survived by hiding her ability. A rare technopath, she eventually broke out of the facility with the help of the Shadow Elites—General Conver’s super soldiers, who rebelled and now fought to protect psychically enhanced humans. Determined to help the cause, she formed Indigo Order—a foundation focused on providing food, shelter, medicine, training and support for the displaced lower level psychics, especially the children tossed to the streets by Conver years ago.
For the past few months Devyn, or Indy as she’s known on the street, has covertly passed intel to the SEO. Even though the street doesn’t trust the Shadows, she does. They rescued her once and she knows they’re the only ones who will be able to save her from Conver and figure out what she uncovered.
Dagan is determined to save the female being chased by Conver and his squadron. He soon discovers her identity and vows he’ll do anything to keep her protected—even if it’s from herself. But the sultry female proves to be a handful when her team is in the crosshairs. When one of them is captured, he must prove she can trust him and all he offers, even though he may not believe someone as good as her should be with a Shadow.

Together they discover everything is possible when you trust A Shadow’s Embrace

A Few of My Favorite Quotes from A Shadow’s Embrace

“I’m not a dog to pat on the head, you condescending ass.”—Devyn, A Shadow’s Embrace

“We don’t have time for a conversational fuck right now. We’re three against nearly a hundred. Those aren’t good numbers. Please tell me it isn’t just you two.”—Devyn,  A Shadow’s Embrace

“Because every boat, airplane, bus, vehicle, horse cart, and bicycle is under scrutiny, and unless you can sprout wings and fly our asses out of here, we don’t have much of a choice.”—Dagan,  A Shadow’s Embrace

“Ease off the pissed just a little, babe, because I’m hanging on by a thread. I’m having a real hard time remembering you aren’t mine to protect. The more you argue, the hotter I get to prove exactly why I have the right to handle you.”—Dagan,  A Shadow’s Embrace

“You are everything strong and true. You are our sword, our freedom, our justice. What you are not—can never be—is a freak. Because if a Shadow Elite like you, the best of our kind, is a freak, then what the hell does that make the rest of us?”—Devyn,  A Shadow’s Embrace

“Thinking I need to stake me claim and give you a reason not to crush so easily, little bit or not,”—Dagan, A Shadow’s Embrace

Contest!!!!!! Winner receives a $25 gift card from Amazon. Contest ends Thursday, so sign up ASAP. Good luck :) Click on the link below to enter.

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Summer Heat – 10 Sizzling Romances for 99 Cents

Do you like it hot?  Crimson Romance just released a new 10-book box set of their steamiest titles for only $0.99.  You heard right!  These aren’t short stories or novellas but ten full-length romances all in one big bundle for less than a dollar. Bought separately, you would pay over $40 for these same books.  This collection will be available for a limited time , so don’t miss out!

On an even tighter budget? Kindle Unlimited subscribers can borrow all the individual titles FREE as part of their subscription. Just click the Free on Kindle Unlimited links under each title below to download.

When the summer sun beats down on the beach, Crimson Romance turns up the sizzle between the pages. From hot bikers to powerful venture capitalists and those oh-so-sexy military men in—and out—of uniform, these ten books put the spotlight on the heroes who make us melt.

Where to Buy:

Summer Heat includes all 10 of the following titles:

The Wicked Bad by Karyn Gerrard
Is Veronica a good girl who longs to rub against...The Wicked Bad?

Infamous by Irene Preston
Hollywood's favorite wild child moves to the 'burbs in this heart-warming romance that reviewers call fun, flirty, and 10 kinds of hot.

Prelude to a Seduction by Lotchie Burton
Can an unexpected romance develop between an over-confident, on-the-prowl playboy and his unsuspecting and uncompromising prey?

Inventing Sin by Alicia Thorne
Dumped by her ho-hum boyfriend, English professor Gabriella Kurtz invents the perfect imaginary man to replace him . . . and gets the surprise of her lifetime when a real flesh-and-blood hero takes advantage of her little white lie.

His Fantasy Maid by Susan Blexrud
Dr. Amy Maitland is a first year resident physician, but she leads a double a fantasy maid.

Island Pursuits by Heather Rodney-Diaz
Adrian and Cory begin a sizzling affair in their island paradisebut what they both discover about the past threatens to destroy any chance of a happily ever after.

Dangerous Love by Lilou DuPont
In Prague, Laura explores her sexuality by embarking on an erotic love affair that challenges her deeply held beliefs.

Her New Worst Enemy by Christy McKellen
Ellie's no-strings weekend fling with her brother's best friend should be the easiest thing in the world to walk away from, so why is she finding it so difficult? 

Blitzkrieg Love by Livia Olteano
Ellie's no-strings weekend fling with her brother's best friend should be the easiest thing in the world to walk away from, so why is she finding it so difficult? 

As If You Never Left Me by Katriena Knights
Rey wants Joely back, But will his carefully laid plans disintegrate when she finds out what really brought him home to Colorado?

Still not sure? Here are a few excerpts to help you make up your mind!

The Wicked Bad by Karyn Gerrard

Dark and brooding, Nick Crocetti is a bad boy in looks and demeanor. Veronica Barnes needs a new start, and Nick is a complication she doesn’t need.
Can they break down the barriers of past heartbreak, or is Veronica just a good girl who longs to rub against “the wicked bad”?

She followed him toward the beach. The shoreline wasn’t very big, but private, as you couldn’t see the road or much else from their vantage point. Wonder how many other women he brought here, she thought cynically.

He spread the blanket and assisted her in sitting down. Again, the touch of his hand made her face flush as well as parts further south. Nick sat next to her with one leg bent and he rested his arm on the top of his knee. They sat quietly and gazed out over the water. The waves caressed the sand with a serene almost hypnotic sound.

“I saw you talking to that wuss, Jake Spooner, as I left the other day. I can imagine what he said about me,” Nick said in a voice so soft, she hardly recognized it as his.

Veronica cleared her throat uncomfortably.

Nick laughed. “I see. Go on, amuse me, what did he say?”

“Um, he said you were in prison—” she began.

“Jail. Not prison,” he retorted.

“There’s a difference?”

“You’ve got the cop for a brother, you tell me,” Nick snapped. He shook his head, more gently he said, “Sorry. It’s a touchy subject. City jail, for assault and destruction of property. Prison usually means a state or federal beef. Mine was local and a long time ago. I did my time and it’s over. I don’t like talking about it.”
“He called you a thug and said you deal drugs among other things.” She shouldn’t be telling him this, but the words tumbled out of her.

“Really? And still you went out with me? Are you some thrill seeker, one of those good girls eager to rub up against some wicked bad? Is that why you’re here? I’ll be as bad as you want, just say the word.”
His voice grew tight and edgy. Barely restrained anger simmered below the surface, she could hear it.

“I’m just telling you what Jake said, you asked.”

Nick stared at her for several moments. “Yeah. I did. Sorry. I haven’t been out on a date in awhile.”

“You haven’t been with any women...”

“Oh, I didn’t say I haven’t been with women, just haven’t been on a date.” The right corner of his mouth twitched in what Veronica supposed was amusement.

About Karyn:
Karyn lives in a small town in the western corner of Ontario, Canada. She wiles away her spare time writing and reading romance while drinking copious amounts of Earl Grey tea. Tortured heroes are a must. A multi-published author with a few best-sellers under her belt, Karyn loves to write in different genres and time periods, though historicals are her favorite. As long as she can avoid being hit by a runaway moose in her wilderness paradise she assumes everything is golden.

Karyn’s been happily married for a long time to her own hero. His encouragement keeps her moving forward.

Infamous by Irene Preston

Jessica Sinclair is Hollywood’s favorite wild-child, so what’s she doing burning cookies and playing house in the 'burbs?  Conservative soccer dad Morgan Riley can’t figure it out but he’s happy to have her home and heating things up in his bed.  Then Jessica finds herself back in the tabloids…with Morgan’s teenage daughter right next to her.

In the elevator, he fumbled for the room key that would allow them access to the suites on the top floors. His hands felt big and awkward as they swiped the key through the reader. If you stripped me naked on the hors d’oeuvres table. . . .Christ. She always had a way of knocking him off balance, of peeling away every last bit of self control. She had thrown the words out so casually, and as soon as she said them he had pictured doing just that—imagined shoving aside the crudités and shrimp cocktail and spreading her out like his own personal feast.

The doors closed and she was in his arms. He pushed her against the elevator wall, his tongue thrusting urgently into her mouth. She wound around him, humming incoherent words of encouragement. They weren’t nearly close enough. She tilted her head back, inviting his tongue deeper. He was drowning in the taste of her when he felt her hands slide down between them. His body jerked.

They were still in the elevator. He was damned if he was going to make love in a public elevator. He managed to wrest her hands away from him and anchored them above her head with one of his own.

Not here.” Could she hear the desperation in his voice?

About Irene
Irene Preston has to write romances-after all, she's living one! As a starving college student, she met her dream man who whisked her away on a romantic honeymoon across Europe. Today they live in the beautiful hill country outside of Austin, Texas where Dream Man is still working hard to make sure she never has to take off her rose-colored glasses.

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RWA Nationals

Wow. I can't believe it's time for Nationals already. I'm looking so forward to this year's conference. Fortunately it's in San Antonio, which means I didn't have to get into a micro-sized sardine can and fly anywhere. :)

Many of my long distance friends will be there. Getting a chance to see them is worth it alone. When I add in the many, many fantastic workshops and events happening, this is going to be one of the best conferences yet.

Things have been very well writing wise. I've completed three of my WIPs in the past six weeks and am now neck deep in my contemporary. This project is different from my previous releases. The fact we as authors have the freedom to write across the genres and heat levels is one of the things I love the most about writing.

If you're in San Antonio for Nationals, then please look me up. I'd love to chat or have a drink.