Thursday, June 19, 2008

Miscellaneous House Keeping

*clears throat*

Hi, I'm Cara Carnes and I'm an Office Depot addict. Oh, wait. That's a different blog.

So, a few things that are happening right now in case you are wondering:

I'm drawing the contest winners tomorrow and will announce the winner(s) this weekend.

On a related note, my website will be undergoing a facelift very soon. Hopefully we'll get that up and running without issues. (I say we as if I'm really doing anything! I am so html challenged it isn't even funny.)

Writing wise there are so many things happening... I'm almost finished with three single titles. And I honestly can't pick a favorite. *sigh* It's like being asked to choose your favorite child. I just simply cannot do it.

Let's see... Oh yes. I have a few promo items... some pens, some really cool note pads and some canvas totes. Now the totes aren't overly huge, but they are pretty cool. If you'd like some of these items, post a comment or shoot me an email... Email would be best so you can give me your address at the same time :)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I Miss You My Dear Sweet Tomato


Not sure if I've mentioned this before, but I am a huge sandwich lover. I could eat them everyday at each meal and never complain. But alas, not even the sandwich is the same without my tomato. When are they coming back to me???

So...if you live in one of those lucky states that aren't green on this map, have a tomato or two for me.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

I Just Have To Ask

So I started a new job today. Yay! Anywho... I noticed something that I found very interesting inside of the boss's office. He has no pictures of his wife in his office, but his desk is covered... and I do mean covered... with pics of his two sons.

Now originally I thought maybe it was a breakup or divorce. But nope. He's wearing a ring.

So I just have to ask...if you were his wife wouldn't that tick you off?

I mean not one single picture. Not even a postage stamp sized one buried at the back behind the printer.

Hmm... just curious if I was the only one that would get annoyed with that if it was was me.