Friday, March 21, 2008

Check Out The Latest Release by Emily Ryan Davis

Emily and I will be chatting Tuesday afternoon at the EC Chat Loop. Hope to see you there! Until then, you can tide yourself over with this hot read that released today.

She believed the man didn't matter as long as he said yes - until the wrong man vowed to love her beneath....

All the Trees in Pearl
by Emily Ryan-Davis

Available March 21 at Ellora's Cave

Signed and paid for by one brother.

Ethan Carver didn't order a wife, but he couldn't turn away from Margaret Redde's lush mouth and proper manners. Could he keep up his brother's deception and make her stay?

Set on fire by the other.

She wanted security and didn't care where it came from - one brother was as good as the other - until Ethan touched her. One night in his arms changed everything. His hot kisses sent her up in flames and taught her desires she didn't know she possessed.

Read an excerpt today!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Cadari Lover Available Today

Cadari Lover
Cara Carnes

One horrendous act meant to destroy her. Only one night to fulfill a lifetime of passion. Could fate be this cruel?

Rina Daniels has lusted for her sexy Cadari friend for years but never acted on it. When the opportunity presented itself she ran, only to find herself in the hands of his enemies. Forcefully converted to the sexual being known across the universe as tagratis, she is now doomed to spend an eternity unfulfilled.

Kandos Strabuquar hates himself for not protecting Rina. He never should have allowed her to remain on his planet, even if it was just for a visit. An aquamarine necklace and an experimental drug are their only hope. Will it be enough?

Available now at Ellora’s Cave!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Pre-Release Celebration

Well, release day is coming up on Wednesday for Cadari Lover. Yay!

To celebrate, I am giving away a $20 gift certificate to Bath & Body Works. All you have to do is either comment here, or join my yahoo group.

Winnner will be selected on Monday!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Oh my sweet Sven

How do I love thee? Let me count the words....

Okay that's a bit much but I couldn't resist. Have you seen his picture? hehe

Well, I'm a day late posting the first round but I was writing last night:) That counts, right?

Since Saturday, March 1st I have sweated out 8300 words for my sweet Sven.

On a different note, now that it is March we are getting our first icky weather day here in Austin, Texas. At least the ickiest one I remember in quite a while. I know, I have no right to complain. But seriously, our roads down here turn into slip and slides when it rains.

I'm going to post up an announcement reminder tomorrow, but I will be chatting Saturday evening at Writerspace with the fabulously talented Patti Fischer. We will both be discussing our upcoming releases. So, I really hope you can stop in at 9 p.m. EST and have some fun with us. :)

And, I have a cover for Cadari Lover. Yay! It's going up on my website very soon.

If you haven't already done so, join my Yahoo Group for some fabulous upcoming contests.

Have a wonderful Thursday!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Seventy Days Of Sweat - Here I Go

Well, I went AWOL on the first one and pretended I didn't notice the second. They say third time is the charm... we'll see whether it is or not.

It starts today. My goal? Two completed WIP... preferably more, but we will see what Sven has in store for me.