Sunday, October 20, 2013

Big Cocks and Broomsticks Blog Hop

It's that time again. The Cabal are unleashing the crazy yet again in another huge blog tour. The fun begins Oct. 21st. Come and join the fun and enter for a chance to win:

Grand Prize: $100 amazon or b and N choice!!
2nd place: $50 amazon or b and n card
3rd place: $25 amazon or b and n card

Comment here for a chance to win a $10 gift certificate to Amazon or B&N. :)

To Enter:
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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Pleasure Brigade Series Tour -- Someone unleashed the Masters

Several very brave souls have allowed the Brigade Masters to take over their blogs and discuss their submissives, The Brigade, the books and anything else that crept into their minds. More importantly, the guys are sharing exclusive excerpts from the books at each stop.

AND there are prizes... a copy of each book will be given out randomly at the conclusion of each "leg" of the series tour. That's FOUR books total going out.

In addition.... there's a $50 GC drawing at the end as well as a copy of the latest release, Passion's Trust.
If you haven't picked it up already, it's now available at Ellora's Cave and Amazon and will be available soon at Barnes & Noble, aRe and all the rest of your favorite ebook providers. :)

I hope you all enjoy this tour. It should get interesting...

Passion Next Door: Book 1

4/8- Mon
4/9- Tue
4/10- Wed

Passion's Claim: Book 2

4/13- SAT
4/14- SUN
4/16- Tue
4/17- Wed

Passion's Training: Book 3
4/19- Fri
4/20- SAT
4/22- Mon
4/23- Tue

Passion's Trust: Book 4
4/24- Wed
4/25- Thur
4/26- Fri
4/27- SAT
4/29- Mon

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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Big Cocks and Shamrocks....Oh My!

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!!!!!!

I hope you remembered to wear green cause you're hanging with The Cabal today and we do pinch. Just saying. :)

If you're pausing at my blog that must mean you've made it through most of my cohorts in mania -- aka The Cabal of Hotness. I've gotta say these ladies are some of the nicest, craziest and most talented writers I've had the pleasure of hanging with. I feel truly blessed to be amongst the insanity on a daily basis. I never know what is going to hit my inbox--and that makes the duty of checking email worth doing. Every. Single. Day.

In case you don't know, I'm Kinky Hotness within the Cabal. We formed at RomantiCon this past year and have had a blast writing the Fondled & Gobbled stories. Because of prior commitments I didn't have a story in the first set of books, but no worries. There's a wild one coming your way in the next round. :)

I could rattle on for quite a while but I think I'll just ask y'all a question instead. hehe....

My 40th birthday is coming up in a few days. Yeah, I know. I'm not looking forward to it either. I've already partied an entire weekend and gallivanted across Texas while doing so. That was fun. But...any thoughts on how to spend the actual day? Other than the evil day job that must suck its 8 hours from my existence. hehe

Have a great one!

Make sure to check out the next ladies on the hop. They're wild, crazy and a blast to hang with. I'm #10 in the list in case you've lost your place. Take a few drinks with you for the road. *tosses green margaritas, green mojitos and green apple martinis. Sorry, I know it should be beer but I'm a liquor sort of gal :)

Make sure to come back soon! I've got a release coming out April 3rd and will have a huge giveaway going on. Once I figure out what to give away. Let me know if you have suggestions. :)

Oh! Speaking of prizes...I'll give away one copy of any of my releases to TWO people who leave a comment. And there's a $30 GC and a bag full of naughty to one lucky winner of the rafflecopter.

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Taking Control Back

Now that 2013 is well under way it occurred to me that in my daunting list of typical goals and objectives I'm bound to fail at miserably that I failed to grasp exactly why so many of those rather innocuous things were on the list. This upcoming year is a rebirth or rebuilding of sorts for me that came about as a result of a late-night break-in and assault which occurred toward the end of 2011.

While I've been told everyone handles these sort of situations differently, I know the way I chose to handle mine wasn't optimal. Far from it. I was emotionally dead and for at least a year didn't really give a darn what happened around me. I did everything conceivable to make myself unapproachable and uninteresting. I was dutifully trudging through life as though it were a list of things I had to do. I breathed, but didn't live.

One of those chores was the 2012 RomantiCon event thrown by my publisher, Ellora's Cave. I arrived ready to smile when spoken to and more or less lurk within the corners and wait for Monday morning to arrive where I could go back to my safe sanctuary and lock myself away for another year.


Anyone who's ever been to RomantiCon can probably confirm one thing I learned real quick--there is no shadow to hide in. They might as well hold it in a circular room because once you step into the hotel you enter an environment where you're immediately immersed in friendships that hadn't existed before. More importantly, you realize that you aren't alone in the writing bubble.

Thanks to the friendships formed over the course of those few days I'm finally chipping away at the walls I'd erected. They stood no chance of surviving. I knew that the moment I dove head first into the craziness that is The Cabal of Hotness.

2013 is 1/4 completed but it's time to re-situate my priorities and take a firmer control over the course my life has taken.

Brace yourselves because something tells me the rest of 2013 is going to be awesome. :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Writers Don't Write...That Much of the Time

I've learned something absolutely terrifying the past couple of months. The hard, gut-punching reality is that I now irrefutably believe that authors don't write as much as we manage piles of things to do. Shocking, I know.

Way back when I had this grandiose vision of becoming a writer, I envisioned myself in front of a keyboard hammering away madly at my precise prose. There were never any edits to contend with, never any emails, Facebook accounts, twitter accounts, group blogs, personal blogs, promotional materials to order, local chapter responsibilities. I could go on and on and on.

The sad reality is that I have recently studied how much time I actually spend writing versus how much time is spent doing other things related to the writing I've already done. Let me tell you, it's easy to become depressed as the responsibilities mount and you find yourself sitting before a behemoth mountain of stuff to do that doesn't remotely resemble what you want to do.


So what do you do? Well, this is when we need to get our big girl and big boy panties on, tuck in our lower lips and suck it up. All this shit that we cringe when faced with handling is part of the business. Sure, some people love edits. Some adore blog hops and social media schmoozing. I do too.

To a certain extent.

But it's easy to lose track of what's the most important thing, IMHO. The writing. The stories. The readers.

So, if you find yourself drowning in a sea of shit you don't want to deal with, look around. I guarantee you aren't floating alone in the muck. Take a deep breath, smile, pull your big girl britches up and get back to work. I'm gonna have to put that last sentence on my monitor. Maybe it'll make it easier to remember. :)

Take care everyone!

Oh! And if you haven't checked out my Pleasure Brigade series at Ellora's Cave, Book 1--Passion Next Door--is up for FREE at Barnes&Noble right now. Check it out!