Thursday, June 19, 2008

Miscellaneous House Keeping

*clears throat*

Hi, I'm Cara Carnes and I'm an Office Depot addict. Oh, wait. That's a different blog.

So, a few things that are happening right now in case you are wondering:

I'm drawing the contest winners tomorrow and will announce the winner(s) this weekend.

On a related note, my website will be undergoing a facelift very soon. Hopefully we'll get that up and running without issues. (I say we as if I'm really doing anything! I am so html challenged it isn't even funny.)

Writing wise there are so many things happening... I'm almost finished with three single titles. And I honestly can't pick a favorite. *sigh* It's like being asked to choose your favorite child. I just simply cannot do it.

Let's see... Oh yes. I have a few promo items... some pens, some really cool note pads and some canvas totes. Now the totes aren't overly huge, but they are pretty cool. If you'd like some of these items, post a comment or shoot me an email... Email would be best so you can give me your address at the same time :)


Jennifer Y. said...

Hmm...I don't think I knew about your Office Depot addiction. If we are making confessions, then I guess I should confess my addiction to books...but I think that one is obvious.

Can't wait to see the new look to the website.

Best of luck with the writing! I look forward to many more books from you.

Fedora said...

Office Depot, huh? And boy, you sound pretty busy with the writing, which is great news for us readers! Yay! :)

Renee said...

Notecards and paperclips, I'm there baby! ;) Office Depot is like the library, I could stay for hours and never get bored.