Sunday, February 8, 2009

Dear Tire Repair Man

Dear Mr. Tire Man:

I don't know how to break this to you gently, so I'll be quick about it. Sort of like a bandaid.

I am a woman. That doesn't mean I'm ignorant or gullible.

I know. You probably don't understand that. So let me put it to you simply.

Women have a brain. We may not use it in the same way you men choose to use yours, but believe me. It's there and I do use it. So, when I brought my car in to get a tire today my brain actually came along with me. It didn't stay at home to tend to the laundry or do housework.

And remember when I told you I wanted the tire and nothing else?

Yeah, apparently we need to go over that again.

And did you happen to notice that I was sitting there in the lobby when you used your scare tactics on all the others that came back to pick their cars up? Remember those times you told them they had to get so and so done now or their car would erupt into flames? Okay, you didn't use flames but I kept thinking that was next.

I heard you upsell a brake job and scam someone out of $1,000, plus another $100 for a "bad battery." I watched you scare an elderly couple into buying 4 tires AND a new battery. After the fourth "bad battery" in an hour I started to wonder if it was your batteries that needed changing and not ours.

So, given all that, why did you think I was gullible enough to believe you when you came to me and tried to scare me into a new battery, a brake flush, an oil change AND more tires?

Shame on you.

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Fedora said...

Ooh, shame on him! I hope you told him what he could do with those batteries, Cara!