Saturday, October 9, 2010

'Tis Almost The Season

Wow! Can you believe it's October already?

The crispier, dark mornings have crept into Austin, even though I can't believe it's almost winter again. And with the encroaching colder weather comes....


Every year I vow to get a jumpstart on my Christmas and Holiday shopping. No matter my good intentions, something seems to encroach on my carefully constructed plan and leave me where I always am--frantically dashing through the aisles shoveling whatever I can into my cart in a harried frenzy of determination. This year I won't be buying gifts on Christmas Eve.

Before Christmas though I have two birthdays in my family, and one for my best friend. My friend's birthday is this month, just a few days away from Halloween. (Might I say it's quite difficult not to tease her about this every year...hehe).

My brother's is in November. He was a Turkey baby. So, does anyone have gift ideas for a technically inclined man?

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