Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Things I Learned In NYC

I've lived in Texas all my life. Crowds aren't my thing, yet I was so thrilled at the opportunity to see New York City and take my proverbial bite out of the Big Apple.

What did I learn while I was there?

Well, what I learned at the RWA Conference was vast, so I'm going to focus on non writerly things I discovered:

1. Batteries are a girl's best friend. Seriously, I took so many pictures in NYC that my camera was going through batteries like a teenager at a buffet.

2. Said batteries in a purse in a high volume get you noticed by the cute security guard scanning your stuff at the Empire State Building. Yeah, that was NOT too much fun.

3. Claustrophobic people with no patience will meet their private hell while trying to get to the top of the Empire. Fortunately, awesome friends with patience are a prized possession. My dear friend and fellow writer Mo Boylan definitely earned her friendship badge that day when we got into those elevators and got crunched in like sardines.

4. Variety may be the spice of life, but it is NOT your friend when you're a sardine in a sky-bound can.

5. Times Square will change if you blink more than once.

6. Dogs who hang their head out a window are BRILLIANT! Bless Mo, Terri Brisbin and her wonderful son for enduring my photographic needs while we drove in to NYC.

7. Drivers in NYC are just as crazy as those in Texas. I would've fit in just fine. hehe

8. Black really is the in color in Manhattan.

9. When in doubt, shove your way through the crush of people. There is space somewhere in front of you if you push long enough.

10. The don't walk signs are a suggestion apparently. There is safety in numbers when you're in the middle and getting directed across the street like a helpless cow in a cattle car.

11. I loved NYC.

Those are the learnings that popped up in my head first. My week in NYC is one I will never forget and I look forward to returning.

Here's to the next grand adventure!!!!

Next stop for me?

Akron, Ohio for the Ellora's Cave Romaticon convention. It will be blast!

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