Saturday, March 16, 2013

Taking Control Back

Now that 2013 is well under way it occurred to me that in my daunting list of typical goals and objectives I'm bound to fail at miserably that I failed to grasp exactly why so many of those rather innocuous things were on the list. This upcoming year is a rebirth or rebuilding of sorts for me that came about as a result of a late-night break-in and assault which occurred toward the end of 2011.

While I've been told everyone handles these sort of situations differently, I know the way I chose to handle mine wasn't optimal. Far from it. I was emotionally dead and for at least a year didn't really give a darn what happened around me. I did everything conceivable to make myself unapproachable and uninteresting. I was dutifully trudging through life as though it were a list of things I had to do. I breathed, but didn't live.

One of those chores was the 2012 RomantiCon event thrown by my publisher, Ellora's Cave. I arrived ready to smile when spoken to and more or less lurk within the corners and wait for Monday morning to arrive where I could go back to my safe sanctuary and lock myself away for another year.


Anyone who's ever been to RomantiCon can probably confirm one thing I learned real quick--there is no shadow to hide in. They might as well hold it in a circular room because once you step into the hotel you enter an environment where you're immediately immersed in friendships that hadn't existed before. More importantly, you realize that you aren't alone in the writing bubble.

Thanks to the friendships formed over the course of those few days I'm finally chipping away at the walls I'd erected. They stood no chance of surviving. I knew that the moment I dove head first into the craziness that is The Cabal of Hotness.

2013 is 1/4 completed but it's time to re-situate my priorities and take a firmer control over the course my life has taken.

Brace yourselves because something tells me the rest of 2013 is going to be awesome. :)

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