Monday, October 6, 2014

RELEASE - Phoenix Rising

Yay! It's release day. Woot! 

Phoenix Rising is a special one for me because it is the first paranormal I've released in a very, very long time. It's also the first new adult I've done. 

I've got a few blogs up featuring Riles (the heroine) (Check out Julie's Book Review TODAY). Her real name is Riletta, but Macen (the hero) takes exception when people use that name. She's Riles now, plain and simple. I've also got one up featuring Macen. He's fierce, protective, smoking hot and pure Alpha. 

I was thrilled to be a part of the ROAR line. It's a shape shifter new adult line of books being released through Decadent Publishing. Mine is the third book out. 

So... Let's see what I can share about Phoenix Rising that you won't find anywhere else. :)

If you're in Pinterest, check out the board I have over there for it. It's a growing work in progress, so when you read the book, make sure and suggest pins you think are a good fit. I'd love to hear from you all about it. :) 

One of the things that sets this book apart from the other ones I've written, I think, is the heroine. She isn't my typical kick ass, in your face sort of girl. She's broken. She's alone. She's cautious. I could spend a lot of time and words talking about her and how Macen works so well for her. BUT I think the best thing is to simply give you a sample of the first chapter. 

    Pain streamed through my core, radiating from my face when I slammed into an unmoving object—a massive chest adorned in a crimson T-shirt with a black-and-white snapping wolf. My throat constricted for a moment as I studied the muscular flesh beneath the shirt. He was huge.
    “Slow your roll there, mouse.” Warm fingers wrapped gently around both my arms, holding me up for a moment as my limbs forgot how to work. His full lips turned upward into a smug grin before he shoved me backward. My pulse slammed into overdrive as I met a metallic gray gaze. A rugged jaw line drew attention from his gorgeous face to the wavy mass of thick, black hair, longer than fashionable, which flirted with his shirt collar.
    This was someone who realized the effect he had on girls like me. I studied his shirt for a moment, reining in my riotous body. My lungs burned for breaths I couldn’t remember to take; something within me rubbed against my skin.
    The sensation made me gasp. What the hell was that?
    Could it be…?
    No. There was no way. I’d been tested. Repeatedly.
    I was inherently damaged beyond repair.

  “Breathe, little mouse. Nice and deep for me.”

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