Saturday, July 28, 2007

Missing The Way Things Were

Well, today was filled with everything I didn't expect to have to do today.

I woke up looking like I had spent the night having some rough fun that I didn't I was bruised from my neck to my waist. But so far I have been pleasantly surprised that the pain isn't nearly as bad as everyone warned me it would be. I guess I have a higher tolerance for it than I expected.

First on the agenda? Getting the rental car. I'm now in a Toyata Camry. It's a nice car, but the color is going to take a bit of getting used to. I've always found my personal preferences steering more towards darker colors, or neutral at the least. But they only had the one color. A nice aqua blue of sorts.

On a hopeful insurance company is already on the case of the uninsured so to speak. They are going to be taking a look at the car on Monday.

Speaking of which my best friend and I drove out to the wreck yard today so that I could retrieve some stuff out of the trunk. Yes, at this point I must confess that a lot of the books I obtained from Nationals hadn't quite made it into my house yet. I had only taken the ones I purchased and had autographed in.

I took some pictures of my poor car. It was a sight to see for sure. I do have to say one thing. I was always under the impression that Hyundais weren't the best cars. I have to say though that based on my experience Friday, they are amazingly resilient. Even the officers and EMS workers were commenting on how well built that car had been.

The most amusing part of the day came when the claims adjuster contacted me to get my officially recorded statement. I was a bit amused when he asked me not one question, but 2 about how the pole was doing. He actually asked me twice how the pole was doing before he even asked how I was doing. Somehow I don't think he found humor in my reply, which was along the lines of, "Unfortunately, I couldn't get the pole to fit into the EMS to get it taken to the ER. It refused medical treatment on site, and refused to give me its contact information."

I know. A bit of a smart ass. But that is just me at times, and the question seemed to be a bit out of line in my opinion. I know he's just doing his job, but some of those questions were just a bit surprising to be asked.

I'm off to make nice with one my cats. She's taking all of this a bit personally. She likes to sleep on my chest, and was a but upset when she was vacated from her perch on numerous occassions last night. I'm just not sure how to deal with her though. She was abused before I got her, and so she really doesn't take too well to changes. I tried to get her to sleep beside me, but now she's hiding under my bed and refuses to come out.


Unknown said...

Poor kitty. Poor you!

So... did you go to the station to do research? *grin*

Cara Carnes said...

Lol...I haven't had that wonderful opportunity to quite yet. I'm certainly looking forward to it though...*grin*