Monday, February 25, 2008

Remember When?

I had to go to the post office today and while standing in line I found myself remembering when my imagination had complete reign. A little girl in front of me spent at least 30 minutes talking to her imaginary friend.

My imagination was so much more vivid when I was a child. I had a spaceship that followed me around everywhere and I cannot tell you how many trips I went on where my entire focus was scouting out locations for that invisible spaceship to land.

I spent hours doing this, but you know, I had a blast and my family sure didn't mind I bet because I was always so quiet and captivated by the landscaping.

No, I don't want my invisible friends in their bad-ass spaceship back, but I do miss them and hope they have found a home in another child's mind.

Here's to keeping just a bit of that child alive in us all...even if it's just a memory while standing in the longest, slowest line there is.

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