Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Why Don't People Think Before They Hit Send?

How did the old addage "Think before you speak" not translate into the typed e-mail messages?

Today I received an e-mail that sent me straight over the edge into pissed. It was an article link about some political opinions. I won't go into detais because it's unnecessary. But the end of the article referred to the fact that they were hoping Hilary Clinton would become the Democratic candidate so that they could beat her like a drum.

Excuse me???

I don't care whether I'm a liberal or a conservative, a Republican or a Democrat. Why would someone who is a woman forward garbage like that to everyone they know?

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Laurie Logan said...

Amen!! I'm a democrat in a family of republicans and I get bombarded with that kind of email all the time. I'm not adverse to a thoughtful discussion about the issues but I don't care what political affiliation a person is, I don't want people to send me derogatory email about anyone! It gets old.