Thursday, November 29, 2007

Interesting Things On Your Computer/Laptop

I noticed something this morning. If anyone who didn't know me ever looked through my laptop's files, they would probably get the wrong impression.

Most of my WIP isn't titled in the beginning stages. So, to keep everything straight and organized I use the heroine's first name.

And my folder labeled research is an eclectic mix of information on a variety of subjects.

I guess that the files on a computer can tell you a lot about the person. Mine is filled with ebooks. Tons of them. And my writing of course.

So, what is on your computer that might confuse someone?


Eva S said...

Hi Cara,
my computer is such a mess! I wish I someday would have time (and inspiration) to organize everything..Now there is books and authors and MUST be bought-lists and infos abouth lighthouses(my second intrest)and books again...Every time I decide to do something about it I again find interesting sites with new authors and then my girls are standing beside me: "I HAVE to read my Facebook!!"

Cara Carnes said...


One of my many interests is lighthouses as well.

So much for cleaning my computer off... I just bought 3 more books and downloaded them...LOL.

I'm officially hopeless for now:)

Eva S said...

I love print books and one of my dreams would be to spend a year in a lighthouse filled with books, but since it's only a dream and my real house is too little for more prints I have got some ebooks too.But how to keep them in order and find them, that's a good question!