Monday, November 5, 2007

The Power of A Woman

This is too humorous to share. My dear grandmother is 93, and she lives with my uncle. He has been busy lately working. Now, I will premise this by saying my uncle really does not need to work. He's just addicted to it.

My grandmother wanted to go to the grocery store yesterday. It's a 20 mile trip, and usually takes some time. My uncle informed her they weren't going to be able to go until Thurday, and that's only if he had time.

Hehe. Oh yes. The power of a woman. She told him, "We'll see about that."

So this is how the day went:


Uncle: What's for breakfast?
Grandmother: You get an egg. It's the last one. I get to cook it, give it to you and starve because we have nothing else in the house to eat.

(Notice guilt trip #1?)

Uncle: Mother, can we have tuna sandwiches for lunch?
Grandmother: We have mayonnaise. We don't have egg, remember? We also don't have tuna, pickles or bread.

Now before I get to the lunch, I have to tell you one thing. There is only one thing my uncle hates more than anything -- chicken. It comes from eating too much of it growing up.

Grandmother: I'm afraid the only thing I could find in the house to fix was chicken. I hope you don't mind because we'll be having it the rest of the week.
Uncle: We'll leave at 1:00 for the store.

Oh I wish I had been there. God bless my grandmother. She truly shows that a woman has the power.

My mother shared this with me this afternoon and I still can't stop laughing.

Have a great night everyone!


Diana Castilleja said...

That's a good one! A keeper!

Anonymous said...

Oh this was just too precious! Yeah for your grandma! :)


Natasha Moore said...

LOL, Cara! Go Grandma!

Pamela Tyner said...

Wonderful story! I loved it!

Jennifer Y. said...


Unknown said...

I'll keep this in mind the next time I want something. WTG Grandma!

Fedora said...

Thank you for sharing this! Love it, and hooray for your grandma! She's something special! What would we do without examples like hers?