Sunday, November 18, 2007

Table For One, Please

As a single woman, I have adapted to the idea of eating out alone. I typically choose to dine with friends, but that sometimes is not possible. When it isn't, I always make sure I have my defense mechanisms with me: a book, a notepad, anything to make me look busy.

This weekend, I found myself in the position of eating breakfast alone. While driving to my family's house, I decided to stop in and grab a bite to eat. I decided it was time to brave the lonely table without my defense system in place. What would happen?

I went into the local IHOP. It was fairly crowded. The first "oops" moment occurred when the waitress tried to seat me with the stranger that came in behind me.

I guess that they aren't really used to placing people at tables by themselves. I must have committed a social faux pax by doing so, because they sat me in a section all by myself. I guess they thought that would make me less aware of the fact that I was eating alone. Yep, putting me in a room totally alone really keeps me from thinking about Thanks a bunch.

My meal was pleasant, and the waiter was great. I did notice one thing that was humorous. I expected to be uncomfortable in the situation because it isn't something I do all the time. I normally have a book to read, or something to keep my mind off of the fact that I am alone in public. I didn't have a problem with it.

But the waiter sure did. He spent most of his time chatting with me, mostly about subjects I knew absolutely nothing about. I thought it was his nature, but could see him in the other section. He made no attempt to do the same thing with his other tables.

So, my lesson for this weekend: I can eat out by myself without an arm full of defense mechanisms and actually enjoy the meal.

Have a great week everyone!


Fedora said...

Good for you, Cara! I haven't had the pleasure of trying this myself yet (my kids are still relatively young so my eating-out experiences run more toward over-crowded rather than solo) but think it sounds pretty appealing--just me and my own food and a book! (If I could just shake off the persistent waiter, right?)

(BTW, I snuck over here from Jennifer's blog :))

Emma Petersen said...

I haven't eaten out alone either. Even when I'm traveling alone I do room service or get food to go. Go Cara! I might try it one of these days. Hehe. Might.