Thursday, January 17, 2008

Under The Weather

Well, it's cold outside here in Texas and I heard that it might rain. Oh, and I have one killer cold. Or flu. Or Cedar fever. I'm not quite sure which one it is yet, but whatever it is I want it to go away. *sniffle*

But on a happier note, I think I have finally managed to teach my cat that it's really okay if I don't wake up every hour on the hour during the night. Yay! Hey, it's the small victories that I am proudest of today. That one, along with teaching both my cats that the window ledge in our living room IS big enough for them to share.

I'm curled up with my chicken soup and watching Oprah. Oh my. The conversations we have on TV these days lol.

Have a great day everyone! What small victory are you proud of?

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