Saturday, May 3, 2008

What Kind Of Friend Are You?

Okay I was watching that Nationwide commercial earlier. You know. The one where the friend is watching out the window and sees all these horrendous things to their friend's car yet says nothing.

This led me to the realization that if my friends were to do that to me - not tell me something horrible was happening to my car and had no reaction to it whatsoever - I'd have to seriously go medieval on them.

It just isn't in our nature to behave like the people in that commercial. I guess that's why I have such wonderful friends. They would react how I would if I saw it happening. And I'd do the same for them.


Here's to having great friends. May be well all continue to be a great friend to those around us.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, with friends like those you don't need enemies. You've already got 'em.

Amie Stuart said...

Hey Cara just wanted to stop in and say it was great to meet you last night! I agree on those commercials--they're totally whacked out, unrealistic and funny in a trainwreck sort of way!