Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Mind Is A Crazy Thing

The mind is an amazing tool. It can take you places that can thrill you. Or terrify.

One of my WIP that I'm working on right now is an erotic paranormal that features three ghost riders. They're good guys, but last night I'm going to bed and my mind is still in that world. I'm thinking about them and all the demons their battling when I hear the high pitched meeeewwwwwwlllll.

That's really the best that I, as a mere human, can do to impersonate it. Now I have two cats for those that didn't know that. One is very outgoing, vocal and quite demanding. The other one is very shy and soft spoken. She never wants anything except lots of love.

So when I hear the high pitched sound coming from the quiet one that is a bit freaky. At this point it's almost midnight. I assumed at first it was a bug and that she'd conquer and slay it without my help if that's the case. Unfortunately they sometimes infiltrate our humble abode, but both the furred queens of the household are quite good at dealing with them since I am a chicken.

About thirty seconds later I hear the vocal cat hiss. And growl. And do the high pitched noise. Er. That is not the bug radar going off. That's just freaky crazy nuts.

I have not a clue what it was. My brain was processing the fact that it was a ghost and it wasn't about to let me go in there. LOL. No way. No how.

That's my freaky story for the day. What about you? Anything strange happen that makes your brain shut you down?

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