Sunday, July 6, 2008

One Of Those Awwwwww Moments

So I wandered into IHOP to have breakfast this morning. Have you ever been a restaurant that wasn't that crowded yet they still feel the need to stairstack people on top of each other like they're trying to play Jenga?

Okay, well now you know what I felt like when I sat down and ordered my drink. But after a few moments, the next layer got put right beside me and I got the opportunity to overhear one of the most touching moments ever.

I feel the need to warn you this is one of those times that after reading this you may look at your significant other and try to compare him...

So this small boy, I'd guess maybe about 9 at the oldest, comes in with a man that I assume at first is his father. They order their drinks.

Now, you have to understand they are practically in my lap so I can hear the guy's booming voice very clearly. In the first few moments, I figure out he isn't the boy's father.

He thanks the boy for coming out to breakfast with him because he wanted to get away from the womenfolk (I know let's just move past that one) and have a man to man talk.

Now at this point the boy sits up in his chair and pulls at his shirt.

The man tells the boy he wanted to get his feedback on how he thought things were going. Since he had been the man of the house before he married his mom.

Okay at this point I want to clone the man. How cool is this?

The boy fiddles for a while and then tells the man that he's been doing a good job. His mom smiles a lot more and she laughs and that makes him and his little sister really happy.

Oh. My. God. Where are the kleenex?
Then the boy says "And you treat us really good. Like you're our dad. And we're okay with that."

Okay I'm ashamed to report that I lost the conversation at that point. I'm only human. You set bacon and eggs in front of me and the entire world drifts away. It's me and my protein, people.

But doesn't that make you want to clone that guy?

After I finished my meal, I noticed that the boy had moved to sit right beside the man. And he was showing him how to play some game on a handheld player.

And the smile on his young face spoke a thousand words.

Have a wonderful day everyone!


Unknown said...

Awwww that has to be one the sweetest stories!

And hey a girls gotta eat :o)

Fedora said...

Cara, that is an AWESOME story--thanks for sharing that! :)

Jennifer Y. said...