Sunday, September 23, 2007


Don't you love the feeling of falling in love? The giddy, happy feeling that seems to slip inside of your soul and bury itself there, deep down. The rush of pure adrenaline you get when you see them. There's nothing quite like it.

I've always fallen in love with the characters in my writing. Shouldn't we always? My current WIP is no exception. Pure joy fills me when I open up the story and begin to write it.

So, who have you fallen for lately? Which one do you remember the most fondly?


Unknown said...

Off topic, but pardon me. You should see what the ladies are doing on your goals thread over at FanLit Forever.

Unknown said...

ps. Who have I fallen for, besides my dh? The hero of my current WIP. His hairy, and insecure, and I know I shouldn't love him but his sense of honor, courage, and basic decency really get me.

Anonymous said...

Recently, I've fallen in love with a new hero. He's proving to be a quiet one, so I'll have to spend a LOT more time getting to know him than I planned. ;-) The fondest memory I have of falling in love with a character was with my very first hero. Jake. He still makes me all gooey inside. One day, hopefully, I'll hear that others have fallen in love with him, too. Now, wouldn't that be like falling in love all over again?