Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Discovering Forgotten Treasures

Well, I took it upon myself to dust the other day. Those who know me know that I rarely do this task; housekeeping is so not my favorite thing to do. Anyway, it was amazing to me to find all of the books I had on my bookshelves.

Like every other avid reader, there are tons of them. I usually don't keep books around though. I always find a new home for them after I have read them, unless they are from a favorite author.

But, I still managed to find books I had no idea I had. I don't even remember reading them, yet I must have at some point. Some of these were historicals, some contemporary. I guess I have a new TBR pile going now...lol. The authors aren't ones I am familiar with, so I don't know my default whether they are keepers or not.

Has this ever happened to you?


Anonymous said...

Hi Cara,
lucky you who can get rid of some of your books! I'm always finding new authors and buy almost all their books, but even if some of the books aren't that good I just can't make myself to let go of them!
I read in periods (genres, not to read or not, I'm always reading!!), nowadays I'm back in paranormal again and I think I have many unread upstairs in my "library". Yesterday I carried about 200 historicals upstairs, many unread but somebody told me Christmas is coming..LOL. But wait after the holidays, then I think I'll carry them downstairs again..I know I have too many books, but.. I love them!!
I don't know if I have forgotten treasures but many books that only wait for to be re-read again!

Fedora said...

Hi, Cara, I'm not as good at getting rid of books, but yes, I do manage to come across books that I can't remember reading, and occasionally I accidentally re-acquire books I already read, or worse, already own! Ooops...