Monday, December 17, 2007

Seasonal Depression

Okay everyone. I have decided to get serious for a moment and discuss something that lurks around this time of the year. Seasonal depression.

I am doing this blog only because I have lost two people very close to me to suicide; and both of those people took their lives in the last part of December. I'm not going to get weepy, or lecture. I merely want to give people a list of symptoms to look for in your friends and loved ones.

I am not an expert, not am I going to pretend to be. So, if you feel I missed something then by all means post a comment and add it. Together maybe we can help someone that is suffering from this.

Symptoms that most people have: (Some of them, if not all)
1. Depressed Mood
2. Loss of interest in activities they normally find enjoyable
3. Loss of energy; fatigue
4. Feeling of hopelessness or worthlessness
5. Poor concentration
6. Recurring thoughts of death or suicide

The above symptoms are found in many different types of depression, and I strongly encourage anyone to seek professional medical advice if they are something you experience. Seasonal depression reoccurs during specific seasons, and returns each year. Since this is winter, I am only going to list the symptoms common to season affective disorder (SAD):
1. Sleeping more than usual
2. Weight gain
3. Craving for sugar, starchy food, or alcohol
4. Conflicts with other people
5. Heaviness of arms or legs

All of this information is easily locatable on a variety of internet resources. I used

Please take the time out of your hectic day to pay special attention to your friends, family and loved ones this time of the year. Be there without them having to ask, because I can tell you from personal experience few will.

In today's busy world, it is so easy to overlook those around you. Please do not do that. There are so many factors that feed this insidious problem, but there is help. Do not be afraid to talk to someone or seek assistance.

Hugs to everyone,


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