Monday, August 6, 2007

Making Assumptions

Okay, I debated on whether to blog about this or not. But, I am taking the plunge and doing it anyway.

While my best friend and I were out running around this weekend, one of my pet peeves got tested. We were sitting as a traffic light when a homeless man walks up to my car and proceeds to yell at me.

Now let me explain that this man was screaming and one step away from opening the door to my car. I had done literally nothing but happen to be there. I am always the first one to help whenever I can, but this weekend was not the weekend for me helping anyone.

Thus the blog on making assumptions. An assumption was made by him that I was stuck up and deserved to go to hell because I wouldn't give him any money. I have no money. Zip. Zero. I don't even have a car right now since some lovely person decided to ram me off the road and total mine. But I'm not going to rant about that fiasco.

So, I guess the point of this little story is to not make assumptions based on what you perceive.

And if the gorgeous guy in the white truck that was behind me and stood up for me and my friend happens to read Okay, that is really a long shot. But seriously, that man gets the grand prize in being a gentleman.

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