Friday, August 24, 2007

The Battle Begins

Well ladies, it is that time yet again. And this year appears to be heading to an all new level.

What am I talking about? The cricket invasion. These pesky hopping and chirping creatures of the night have plagued many of my nightmares, beginning my first year away from home in college.

I am terrified of bugs, but primarily the hopping and flying variety. Does anyone warn poor Cara about these disgusting and terrifying cricket invasions when she goes away to college? Oh no. She wakes up one morning and walks to campus and crunches her way to classes with tears of fear streaming down her face. Thousands of these vile creatures line the sidewalks, invade unsuspecting trash cans and generally bring chaos to people like me.

Then Cara goes to work and is asked to take out the trash. That trip resulted in a panic attack of epic proportions when hundreds of the vile creatures hopped up at me when I lifted the trash can lid.

Well, that was a few years ago. But the battle continues every year. The rains this year have compounded the problem, so they are back in force. And they all must die.

So, last night I was sleeping peacefully when I heard the sound no cat owner wants to hear. That tell tale catterwall noise. It is like a fire alarm going off for me. One of my cats, Myska, has discovered an invader. No matter the time of day, it must die.

Most cats would love to spend some time playing with the hopping creatures. But not Myska. Unfortunately I must confess my terror of these bugs has crept into her psyche.

A cricket had found its way into my domain.

That's right. How dare it defile my abode with its presense. It hopped. I jumped. Myska cried. It hopped again. I yelled at it. Myska hissed. It chirped, as if mocking me with laughter.

Oh hell no. I don't speak cricket, but I knew it was calling in reinforcements.

So, it had to die. I just had to gain the nerve to do the deed.

Then again, maybe I didn't. My newest edition to the family, Squeakers (I didn't name her people) woke up and wandered in half asleep. She calmly walked up to it, sniffed it and squished it with her paw.

Praise to the mighty warrioress!

Now if I can only teach her to flush it down the toilet, I can sleep of a night.

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I answer to a lot of names, the most important being Mama. said...

I hate the freaking crickets!!!

And I live most of the way across the country and we still have a cricket problem.

Maybe I need to get a cat.