Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Perfect Day Job

Okay, I think the fates have found amusement with me. Everytime my muse is geared up to write, my day job suddenly gets extremely busy and demands more of my time.

Not only are we busy, we are short staff to cover it. I'm known at my job for being able to multi-task and juggle anything and everything thrown at me. But, they seem shocked that I'm starting to throw it back at them.

No overtime pay and long hours just doesn't sound like the "perfect day job." I believe in hard work, and began working as soon as I was old enough to be legal...lol.

Thus, my question... Is there such a thing as a writer friendly day job? Do any of you have a career or profession that would fit the bill? Obviously, something in the publishing industry would be on that list. Aside from that?

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